Residential dwellings

Hi all,

I am looking for spatial data that identifies residential areas within WA. Preferably point data (per dwelling) or polygons, as a shapefile.


Hi Alexia, sounds like your best bet is Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage’s Local Planning Scheme - Zones and Reserves (DPLH-071) dataset, or possibly Local Planning Scheme - R Codes (DPLH-070).

These datasets have detailed polygons showing zoning across much of the state. Here’s a link to DPLH-071 displayed in the Locate map. Click on a polygon to see its attributes, or find the dataset in the Layer List to expand its legend :slight_smile:

Unfortunately DPLH restrict access to the downloads and only the map services are openly available. If you’re not able to work with map service APIs, then you could try contacting the Spatial Data team to discuss access to a shapefile.

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