Request for involvement with AusGeoDCAT - request from Dr Nicholas Car

Hi everyone, Landgate received the following request from Dr Nicholas Car and it may be of interest to you. Thanks, Jo

Dear Metadata Working Group members, Australian Government Linked Data Working Group members and friends,

I am coordinating requirements gathering for and, general involvement in, the development of an Australian (or ANZ) profile of GeoDCAT, codenamed AusGeoDCAT and I am inviting you and your organisations to be involved.

Initial requirements and motivations and more details are given here.

Before any technical profile-defining work is done, I hope to gather and present back to those involves, a consolidated list of requirements for the profile so its purposes are clear and it meets as wide a set of needs as possible. So far 7 are listed from initial discussions.

Establishing engagement will continue until the end of October with initial publication publication in November and then an interoperability experiment will follow between catalogues able to express AusGeoDCAT metadata.

Profile definition and this engagement are funded by ICSM and interoperability testing will be funded by organisations establishing new or updated catalogues.

Please contact me directly with any requirements, expressions of interest for involvement or even just related questions.

Please also distribute this call for involvement to anyone you think might be interested, in Australia, NZ or even further afield.



Dr Nicholas Car
Data Architect & Semantic Web Specialist
Kurrawong AI