Perth Metro aerial capture - Winter 2022

For those looking for an update on the Perth Metro aerial capture (RGB @10cm), I can advise that it started today (Monday 15th Aug). It is estimated to take about 50 hours (14 days) to fly the 9,400sqkm but will ultimately be a function of the weather, prescribed burning by DBCA and any Perth Air Traffic Control restrictions.
Assuming things go smoothly, the mosaic should be available in November

I will provide updates as they come to hand.

Since the metro capture kicked off 3 weeks ago, the weather has hampered progress.

As of 5th Sept, we are at 27% complete (in green below) - with little opportunity to undertake any more flying until this weekend.

Updates will be posted as they come to hand.

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Not a lot of progress to report in the past week due to poor flying conditions.
We are now at 36% - in green below.

Unfortunately, the 10 day forecast isn’t looking too favourable.

Updates posted as they come to hand.

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