Looking for data on water savings with reduced turf

I’m looking for some data that was potentially published on this website but I can’t find it anywhere or online for that matter. It was written by David Deeley, Balancing public amenity and water savings through data integration in 2009.

Hi Charlotte, my google search turned up a citation in a paper on academia.edu, which cited a pdf uploaded to walis.wa.gov.au. The standalone WALIS website was decommissioned a long time ago, but we decided to try out the wayback machine and managed to find the referenced pdf: https://web.archive.org/web/20110315220725/http://www.walis.wa.gov.au/forum/assets/2008/proceedings/deeley_walis_08.pdf

It appears to be the slides for a presentation David Deeley and Teik Oh gave at a WALIS Forum event. Is this what you’re looking for? If you’re unable to access the above URL for any reason, please email info@data.wa.gov.au and I can send you a copy of the pdf.

Amazing, yes this seems to be it!
I had forgotten about the wayback machine, thank you so much!

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