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Hi Guys,

I know this is everyone’s ‘favorite’ topic currently, as each of our organisations comes to terms with transitioning to a new coordinate system.

I was wondering how this transformation is going within the dataWA team and when we might see imagery, and spatial data available via API’s (or download) in GDA2020?



Hi Ben,

In relation to SLIP, the last stage of the Landgate GDA2020 project happening in 2021/22FY will conduct a proof of concept for storing and publishing SLIP data as GDA2020. If all goes well then this will progress into production in the latter half of 2021/22FY, following the successful POC. Once we start work on the POC I should be able to provide a bit more info on what the approach will look like.

We will however be making our SLIP data downloads available in GDA2020 relatively soon. We are commencing testing in our UAT environment this week and provided this goes smoothly then the new data downloads solution should be available in production in July 2021.