Availability of dataset DPIRD-032 (Land capability-Grazing) beyond SW to all WA

Hi, I’m researching northern Australia and the Kimberley region (via CDU, Darwin), seeking to understand land characteristics, capability and condition.

Does anyone have tips for existing accessible data for equivalent/extended data to DPIRD-032 (land capability-grazing) that extends outside of the SW corner?


Hi Oscar,
The whole of the pastoral area of WA does have land capability mapping.

The data is in catchment “packages” (mostly)

The catchments are mapped to land type

There is also land condition data, though this might be considered out of date

There is a book to go with each catchment that discusses the carrying capacity of each land type

This “theoretical” carrying capacity has been correlated to actual stocking levels

Dept Agriculture (or whatever it’s currently called) is the statutory owner of this data.