WA Stream Orders

Hi, is anyone aware of, or can point me in the direction of, a stream orders dataset for WA?

Hi Jeremy, the closest I’m aware of is Hydrography, Linear (Hierarchy) (DWER-031), which is not stream order but the hierarchy may still suit your needs.

Check out the metadata statement under Resources for more info on the data’s attributes, and you can view the data online using the Preview in NationalMap button. Or if you’d like to view it with other public data, visit Locate and add it to the map from the Layer List.

If anyone else has a suggestion, please feel free to jump in!

Locate layer list

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Thanks Kate! Yes that looks suitable however it only seems available as a web mapping service and I need to run some basic analysis on the data so really need to download it. So I think I will contact dataWA directly to ask about that.

Hi all,

Thanks for contacting us at DWER with your request, @JeremyHayden.

For information to the rest of the community, if you require DWER data that is not available to download on SLIP and is only available via a web mapping service, please contact us via spatial.data@dwer.wa.gov.au and that data can be made available to you. Please note a data extraction fee will apply to these requests.

On the subject of DWER data, I’ll refer you back to a post from mid-2021 - State data not on DATA WA - #8 by DWER_GIS

In regard to DWER spatial data provision to DataWA/SLIP. We are in the process of reviewing our spatial data provision policy and the outcome is likely to see more of publicly available datasets being accessible via DataWA and in WFS/Downloadable methods.

This review is ongoing but is getting closer to completion and it remains likely that we’ll see more publicly available datasets being available for download via SLIP. We’ll post more about this once the review is concluded.