WA Police Crime Stats Data

Can someone please help me find Crime Stats data, there is a monthly time series data for WA regions and districts in xlsx format at https://www.police.wa.gov.au/Crime/CrimeStatistics# which is somewhat useful, what I’m after is all the data by suburb in csv format but I can only get it by individual suburb in HTML format (see screenshot below) instead of all the data with suburbs in one file.

I need to do some analytics and comparison on crime by particular suburbs and it is really difficult to do using the webform on the police website.

Hi. Was provided this link that some person created using open API. It sources the WAPOL crime stats and has suburb info. Maybe contact the person on the website.


Dug around the website you linked and it stated that WAPOL had an open API. I’ll contact the owner and ask how they got the data.

Thanks for all your help cpng28 :slight_smile:


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