WA Data Use Showcase - DBCA trails data in # viewer POC for my Cape to Cape Walk planning

Hi All, I thought you may be interested in the simple app I have configured to help me explore the terrain and walk trail for the Cape To Cape walk I am planning on doing later this year. I thin it shows the power of WA Data in that I was able to find the trails Data from DBCA and simple add to a free configurable app and provide as a 3D view. Simple but Powerful! (https://locationanalysis.maps.arcgis.com/apps/instant/3dviewer/index.html?appid=f1e93c52422243b2b05e223ef4344072)

More info on linked in post
let me know what you think.
It would be good to have a category in this discussion on Data Showcase so we cna get everyone to shre some of their new or favorite work



Superb! I’m sure the tourist office in Margs would be interested in this…

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