Property Sales Data


Could the answer to the question below be made public?
Alternatively could you please share the answer privately (this slightly defeat the purpose of the forum though).


Hi everyone,

It is in the public interest to open access to the basic data attributes like property address, purchase price and date. This is not considered private. I understand that things like number of bedrooms, roof materials etc are all value-added columns which makes this a product which can be sold.

I am surprised to see WA Government sells this data. It goes against the Freedom of Information Act Freedom of Information - Landgate .

For reference, NSW released this for free about a year ago -

Again, this is only for public data owned by WA government. Not about valuation, not about value added data, but only the address, purchase price and date.

Thank you,

Hi Vincent

The data custodian responded directly to address the specific data request, advising on the Sales Evidence data and the associated licence details.

Further information is available on the Landgate Data Products webpage or contact business or call (08) 9273 7683 if you are interested in this product.