Perth Metro LiDAR capture Autumn 2022

The delivery of the Perth metro LiDAR has started to trickle in to Landgate, with the final delivery of the raw (unclassified data) due by 31 Aug. Shortly after we will receive the classified and derivative outputs (contours, DEMs and building footprints). The data will be available as a minimum of 12PPM in both GDA94 and 2020 formats

Landgate is now in receipt of both the raw and classified .las point clouds for the Perth metro - extent below - GDA94 only at this stage.

We are yet to receive DEM, contours and vector products for the entire extent, but they are trickling in slowly. FYI -The vector products comprise of permeable (buildings, roads) and impermeable surfaces.

For further information, please refer to LiDAR Data - Landgate

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