Perth Metro aerial capture - Summer 2023

I am pleased to advise that the capture of the Summer Metro capture started on 8 Feb. Depending on weather conditions, air traffic control restrictions, bush fires, etc it can take anywhere between 3 - 6 weeks to capture, with mosaics being completed in April or May.
Progress updates will be posted as they become available.

I am happy to report, that in stark contrast to the poor flying conditions we experienced for majority of the Winter (Aug) 2022 metro aerial capture, our contractor has already completed Rottnest Island, Northern and Central blocks in their entirety…….and 30% of the Southern Block.

This represents over 75% of the project area completed in just 6 days.

Assuming we can complete the remaining 25% by week’s end, we can deliver the entire metro mosaic weeks ahead of schedule.

I’ll update you as further information comes to hand and a better estimate of delivery can be achieved.

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Please be advised that the capture project did not get completed on the weekend as expected, but a large portion was, leaving just 6 ‘east/west’ runs remaining. We are now at 95% complete.

Delivery of the raw frames to Landgate should begin late next week (following their QA) and there is high confidence that the metro mosaic (inc Rottnest) will be ready for dissemination in early May.

Updates provided as information comes to hand.

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The remaining 6 east/west runs in the Southern block are being flown today.
Landgate will be in receipt of the:

  • Rottnest Island frames by COB today
  • Central block frames by 1st March
  • Northern block by 10th March
  • No word on delivery of Southern block frames

Updates provided as they come to hand.

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I am pleased to advise the following progress has been made in the past month.

  • The Central block mosaicking is progressing well and should be completed next week

  • Southern block processing has already started

  • We are in receipt of the Northern block frames and mosaicking will commence next week.

The individual mosaics will be deployed into SLIP as they become available. The entire metro mosaic is expected to be completed in early May

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I am pleased to advise the following progress in the past week.

  • The Central block mosaic is complete.
    • Extracts are available for purchase from the Geospatial Dissemination Team
    • Batching of LGA extracts is being run this weekend.
    • It will be available online (via MV+ and SLIP) by mid-April.
  • Southern block mosaicking is progressing.
  • Northern block mosaicking has commenced.

The entire metro mosaic is still expected to be completed in early May.