Perth Metro aerial capture - Summer 2022

I am pleased to advise that the Perth metro aerial capture has already begun and the contractors will focus on capturing the northern block this weekend - 29th & 30th Jan.
The summer capture is captured at 0.15m resolution using 4 channels (RGB & NIR) and is typically acquired across flying 14 days. Unfortunately it can be interrupted with smoke from controlled burns or prevailing weather conditions.
Best case scenario: we expect the mosaic to be ready for HDD dissemination in late March and then available in SLIP and MapViewer Plus in early April.
I will provide updates as information comes to hand.

Summer 2022 capture progress (in green) as of 1 Feb 22


Since the day after the initial post was made, the contractor’s aircraft has been undergoing a routine service. For this sort of aircraft, that must occur every 50 flying hours. This routine maintenance schedule was not known to Landgate at the time.

Under normal circumstances, that would mean an interruption of a day or two, but with the supply issues from over east and particularly overseas, it’s taking longer than anticipated.

That said, we are expecting the summer capture will recommence this Thursday (10 Feb).

Unfortunately, this means the forecast capture completion by ‘mid-February’ is now going to be late February.

Further updates as they become available.

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The summer metro capture has recommenced following the routine aircraft service.

The captured extent as of 15 Feb 2022 is illustrated in green below. This represents approximately 43% completion.

If the contractor is able to continue at this rate, there’s about another 4 or 5 flying days remaining.

The forecast is looking good for all this week, so there’s a good chance it will be completed early next week.

Updates provided as they come to hand.

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The summer 2022 metro capture continues to progress.
Below is a schematic of the captured extent to date (21 Feb 22) – in mauve. This approximates to 75%.

So far:

Rottnest – 100% complete (data supply today)
North – 100% complete (expected delivery in 3 weeks)
Central – 50% captured (flying today)
South – 80% captured

If they are able to continue at this rate, there’s about another 2 flying days remaining.

Completion is expected by Wednesday afternoon - weather permitting.

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The area shaded green below reflects the extent captured by COB on Monday 21 Feb. We are now at 87%.

There are 15 east/west runs remaining, equating to about 1,500km². This represents about one flying day remaining.

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On Sunday, the contractor was only able to fly 8 of the outstanding 15 east/west runs with the remaining 7 runs all being in the Southern block.

We are at 94% completion.

Unfortunately, the clouds have moved in and the earliest opportunity to complete the Summer 2022 capture looks like this coming Friday.

Landgate will be taking receipt of the raw frames that comprise the Northern block on March 24, and the Central block on March 30.

It usually takes about 6 weeks to complete the mosaics internally, so the aim will be to have it ready for migration on May 4.

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As of Tuesday morning, I am pleased to report the metro summer capture has been completed for another year.

Consistent with my previous update, we anticipate taking receipt of the raw frames which comprise the:

  • Northern block on March 24
  • Central block on March 30; and
  • Southern block shortly thereafter.

It usually takes about 6 weeks to complete the mosaics (internally), so the aim will be to have the entire mosaic ready for migration into SLIP on May 4.

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Further to my previous update on March 10, I can provide the following update:

• Northern block: arrived on schedule (24/3) and we are on target to complete this mosaic by the weekend.
• Central block: also arrived on schedule (31/3) and we are about to start the triangulation process. This will be quite time consuming due to the number of manual corrections required to the digital elevation model eg around bridges
• Southern block: still no indication of delivery, but likely mid-April.

Updates provided as they become available.

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Further to my post on 5 April, I can provide an update on the delivery of the summer metro mosaic.

• Northern block: complete
• Central block: complete
• Southern block: on target to complete next week

We hope to migrate all mosaics on Wednesday 4 May. They will appear in the WA Now SLIP subscription service by 11 May and in the Perth Metro service (and MapViewer Plus) a week later.

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The southern block mosaic is now complete, which means it will be migrated with the northern and central blocks tomorrow – pending successful QA.

The entire mosaic will be available in the:

  • WA Now service on 12th May; and
  • Perth Metro service and Map Viewer Plus on 19th May.
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