Pedestrian data

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As per the title I am looking for some data about pedestrians & foot traffic… where you might find pedestrians, at what times, and how broadly speaking many (a few, a lot, etc).

So taking Northbridge as an example, I would expect some traffic during the weekday, heavier on weekend evenings, but travel a few block NW and that probably drops away to nothing as you hit the residential areas.

I don’t expect there’s is a live stream :stuck_out_tongue: or even specific numbers of people, but I am thinking that for the purposes of determining where to put foot paths and pedestrian crossings there might be something? Or are these decisions more informed by Tobler’s first law of geography?

Hi David,
I believe that the City of Perth may have some potential data based off their public WiFi that could be able to be used to infer number of pedestrians. Were you looking for a particular area?
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Hi Tom,

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No particular area, which I think in part is probably going to be a part of my challenge because I am looking for whole of state (major towns I guess) at least Kalbarri & south and out to Kalgoorlie in the east. Specific data isn’t needed. High, medium, & low would be sufficient measures.

Hoping for one single data set or even a method, rather than having to chase up many LGAs

Hi David - you might consider looking into the Apple Mobility Trends (COVID‑19 - Mobility Trends Reports - Apple) or Google Community Mobility Trends (COVID-19 Community Mobility Reports) search for WA and you get some data that also has trends for each LGA… not sure if this would help - but it is a start.