Main Roads RAV data suitable for Network Analysis

Hi All. We’re trying once again to look at building a GIS Network Analysis layer of the states RAV routes to enable the planning of haulage routes from the forest to our customers. We have struggled for a long time finding road data that is setup to enable Network Analysis. We not only want the approved roads for different truck classifications, but the distance of a route and any conditions for the route. The manual point and click interpretation that we can get through Main Roads data portals just doesn’t cut it when you’re planning hundreds of operations to multiple customers.

I’ve been through the Main Roads data portal and found all the different RAV datasets, as well as the SLK data and State Road Network datasets. The latter have carriageway info included, but not the RAV details and conditions. The RAV datasets don’t contain the carriageways, and also don’t connect properly as they’re just exports of a larger dataset. We also can’t transform the data easily as the 3 different datasets don’t spatially align (they’re close, but close isn’t good enough). Is anyone else having similar issues?

A quick update. I spoke with Main Roads and got a little more info on their data. It has been setup primarily for asset management purposes, thus why there are spatial differences between similar datasets, and breaks in data when extracted for the different RAV classifications. Routing was not a factor when the data was originally created (and it’s no small job to make it suitable).

I am making some progress at least on modifying the data to enable Network Analysis, so will continue with that process.

Spatial WA (spearheaded by Landgate) are working with DoT to get a future Routable Traffice Network (RTN) off the ground that is fit for many purposes, so hopefully that project bears fruit!