Issues creating an account

I keep getting a forbidden screen when I click on create an account to access some of the data.
I am wondering how do we get an account if the SLIP portal is having issues for the last week?

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Hi Russell, I think I emailed you back about your Contact Us enquiry just as you were posting this!

Posting here for other new SLIP users: we apologies for the inconvenience, our IT team are working on some odd issues that cropped up as part of a recent SLIP application update.

To register a SLIP account, please go directly to and then select the Register now link.

Once you have registered and verified your email address, you can return to the Data WA catalogue to start accessing data.

We also have a short guide on registering an account, if you would find that helpful.

This has been a difficult one to communicate out, as new users are by definition people we don’t have details for yet. Posting it to the forum is a great idea though! I’ll move this post to General Discussion where more people should see it (the Forum Feedback category is for voting on Data WA catalogue and forum enhancements/changes), but I’ve also added your message as SLIP feedback to our feedback system.


Just an update for any new users browsing the forum - SLIP registration issues have now been resolved! :tada:

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