Horizon Power - request for regional power network data to be added to WA Data

Horizon power does an amazing job of providing power services across our regions so I would like to request in recognition of the great organisation they are that they revisit providing their network data through WA Data as per Western Power. With mixed use power generation becoming the norm as we strive for Net Zero, data around the network locations is only going to become more important for the regions. I know this isn’t as easy as opening up their existing data so happy to discuss initial options and then work out next steps. Happy to use the Pilbara as a test case as well if a region by region approach is more convenient. I note from the progress data WA dashboard this is also an opportunity for Horizon Power to get on the data set ladder. Progress | Data WA.
cheers Pat Gethin

PS if all else fails maybe a registered contact of best person to contact in Horizon Power for spatial data requestes would be a great start. They have been very helpful in the past

@patrick_gethin true that! I have had numerous conversations with HP - and know they were undertaking a massive digital transformation piece last year. Internally we have had success getting the data but as far as I’m aware it is (currently) a large piece of work to get it extracted spatially.

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Hi @patrick_gethin I’ve passed this on to the Horizon rep for WALIS Utilities group. Hopefully someone will be along shortly & let us know where they are at.


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Thankyou David I appreciate you following up on this