FGDB Download Option

We have been using python scripts to download Map Packages, extract their data (including FGDB’s) and copying feature classes to our corporate GIS data locations on a regular basis. With the recent implementation of a dedicated FGDB download option, I’ve updated the scripts to instead download the FGDB directly and copy the feature class it contains. I’ve had clarification that (at present) all FGDB’s for downloading only contain a single feature class. This makes scripting easy (I don’t have to try and identify the feature class as well as the FGDB in my scripts - they just take the first one found).

Whilst a FGDB can contain many feature classes, I would suggest that DataWA continue to separate downloads in a manner that produces one feature class per FGDB.

Alternatively, if plans come along to start grouping feature class together in a single FGDB, it would be good if demo python scripts could be provided that manage a download and extraction process with minimal customization (just specify input parameters and output locations for each feature class).

Thanks for the feedback Lindsay. Out of curiosity is there a reason that you prefer FGDB download over an API or ogc web service?

Hi Kylie. When we were first starting to transition our GIS datasets over to using those that could be sourced from DataWA, we were favoring web services, but soon found that projects with a lot of datasets became bogged down constantly refeshing the web data. Plus with a growing number of users (and many in less well connected towns), it was soon determined that storing a local copy would improve internal performance. So instead we now download a selection of datasets and update them on a regular basis. Our python scripts (called by a batch file for simple triggering) download the data, extract it (where necessary manipulate the data) and deposit it in a location accessible to staff. We try to run our updates on a monthly basis.

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Thanks Lindsay - that’s really helpful to know.