Do you need more Local Government Data?

Hi community,
Just like any agency Local Government has an array of datasets, which could be made available to the community via open data. I would like to know especially from private/ academia community on what data would be high on their wishlist / preferences?

Most common data that could be made available would in data categories such as assets, parking and services.



It would be great to get some input on this one to help guide LGAs into the Open Data realm as there is very little data available from LGAs save for a handful of LGAs.

I thought a simple one could be garbage/recycling areas and we could ‘aim’ to all use the standard that is at Open Council Data Standards

We can all do this!


That’s a real good idea @james. I am up for the standardization of rubbish/recycle data especially since it is a common dataset with all LGAs.

There may be some complications as our “zones” may not be the same extent for rubbish/recycle/verge collection but happy to work through this.

Let’s give it ago and share our experience here. :star_struck:


Parking zones and parking sensor data would be really good


Thanks @Bjones.

I will take back your feedback and see what we can make available. I shall keep you posted on the availability of the data :oncoming_automobile: . Cheers


It’d be fantastic and a big time saver for data related to planning to be made available publicly (preferably in a spatial format) - like structure plans and zoning in a consistent format.

We do struggle a lot especially with structure plans as the actual proposed zones are stuck in a PDF map which presumably was created in a GIS system.


@David_Capon thought you might be interested to comment on use of Open Council Data Standards :slight_smile:.

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Thanks Kylie,

it was actually through this forum I discovered the Open Council Data Standards.

Looks like a great set of standards for simple, concise & importantly standardised data exchange.

Watching this thread with interest!