DBCA Threatened Flora, Fauna, Communities Data

As far as LGAs go we need to email DBCA on the following email addresses not more than every six months to get data on Threatened Flora, Fauna and Communities Data for our LGA.

  • Threatened and Priority Flora (and WA Herbarium) flora.data@dbca.wa.gov.au
  • Threatened and Priority Fauna fauna.data@dbca.wa.gov.au
  • Threatened Ecological Communities (Threatened Communities (Buffered) and Boundaries) communities.data@dbca.wa.gov.au

It would be great if the data that is in SLIP had the same attributes and included the WA Herbarium data as well as the Threatened Communities Boundaries data. This would mean that LGAs wouldn’t have to manually request and process the data and could fully utilise the SLIP data as a 1:1 replacement for the manually disseminated data.

The existing data that is in SLIP is in Public and DBCA_Restricted_Services:
Threatened and Priority Flora (DBCA-036)

Threatened and Priority Fauna (DBCA-037)

Threatened Ecological Communities (DBCA-038)

We have staff who make regular requests for spatial WA Herb data as well. It would be good if it was dynamic (even if restricted) as manual data updates can be a real pain to manage at a corporate level.


Anyone at @DBCA have an update on this - to get the SLIP data and the manually disseminated data in sync?

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