ATCO Gas Reticulation Data

It would be great if the ATCO Gas Reticulation data that is available by contacting ATCO and signing up to an Agreement and receiving the data as zipped SHP files could be in SLIP in a similar fashion to the Western Power data.

This would enable users - in particular LGAs - to access this data and to cut down on manual processes to keep this data up to date.

Hi @james

I’ve sent this link along to the ATCO folks on the WALIS Utilities group. Hopefully someone will be along shortly, but I know they are working on it.



Hi @james and @David_Capon,

Thanks for the heads up David
James we are in contact with the SLIP custodians Landgate, and we have just finalised 5 feature classes.

In the next month we will be in the testing phase, and hopefully these 5 features will be publicly available in the next two months via SLIP. If you require these features sooner please email me at


Edward Hughes