All listed available data

Hi all,

I am wondering if there is an API or Excel sheet listing all available data on data WA? Maybe including metadata such as custodian, update frequency, last update (ect…) Does anyone know if this exists?



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Hi Ben, excellent question.

The Data WA catalogue is powered by CKAN, an open source DMS that is widely used by government data portals around the world. And it has a built in API!

Our API is and you can find info (such as the calls that can be made) at API guide — CKAN 2.9.3 documentation.

To get you started, you can return the full list of datasets (packages in CKAN lingo) with package_list:

You can return all the metadata fields for a particular dataset using package_show:


Does anyone else have an example of how they use the CKAN API to improve their workflow? Drop your ideas here!

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