About the Ask the community category

Let the community assist you with any questions and problems that you may have which relates to data.

Before Starting a Topic, Search for Existing Answers

Before you start a new topic, check the help centre, existing posts and use Google to see if your questions have already been addressed. This will very often give you an immediate answer.

Topic Titles

Before you post your question, remember that the most visible part of your post is the title. Make that title as useful and descriptive as possible. A great title is usually the difference between something people click on and something people scroll past.

  • Eg: A good title: “How do I upload data to Data WA?”

  • Eg: A title that needs work: “help plzzz I R stuck”

Topic Body

Explain what you were attempting to do and how - your thought process and approach.

If you are getting an error message, include the error message.

A picture is worth 1000 words

If helpful upload an image or screenshot to your topic it will help to provide context and we like to look at pretty pictures.